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Sunday, 27 September 2015

Why Autumn is my favourite time of year

I'm a nature lover. I always have been. I love Britain because to me it has such a beautiful countryside. We are lucky to have such diverse weather, most will say not enough sunshine, but we have more than enough rain to make our 'green and pleasant land' lush and verdant and full of life. Every season brings its own beauty but Autumn is when nature really shows off. It colours the trees in an amazing display which, for those who take the time to look, lifts the spirits and eases the heart. 

Just like nature, we have seasons too. Pregnancy and birth, when a little bud appears and pops into the world, where everything is new, nothing is known and everything is out there to be learned and experienced. Time is taken in our Springtime to grow and learn. No deep thoughts, just mostly instinct driven its a very 'black and white, love or hate' world as we don't learn all the different shades or variety of emotions until later in Spring as we move into early Summer. Boy do we learn all the emotions possible then and we usually experience them all in a very short time.  Puberty can be a harsh teacher for some giving us such a range of emotions that often we are not equipped to deal with. 

We do however and summer arrives. We are the kings and queens of the
universe at this point! There is nothing we don't know! No one older can even understand just how amazing we are, after all, we've invented sex! Older people don't do that clearly, or if they do they don't do it as well as us! Just don't talk about older people having sex as that is just gross!! We can speak for hours on a variety of subjects, although not in any great depth of wisdom as our experiences are still fairly limited. We do still manage to learn a lot whether either cultivating a look of sheer boredom, or listening attentively, nodding occasionally as if agreeing. This summer is a long one, in it we grow to full ripeness, make offshoots of our own, bask in the sheer enjoyment of being an 'adult' (although this can come much later for some than for others) and, if lucky, generally enjoying good health, loving family and the normal everyday things that you think will go on forever.

Everything changes though, and as Summer turns into Autumn we have experienced many things, some good, some awful. Our wisdom shows itself in many ways, much like nature's Autumn. We may be overripe now, but we are colourful! There is less rushing around, less worry as our offshoots are fully grown plants and we have a wealth of knowledge to pass on. 

This is why i find people in the Autumn of their lives so much more interesting. Although, just like nature, some plants in the Autumn just start to drop their leaves, look scrawny, and miserable, so do some Autumn people. They are easy to spot though because the brilliance and humour of the wise ones shines out like the multicoloured trees. 

Winter is something we all have to experience sooner or later, but like everything else.. it's just the sleep time before re growth. 

i love being an Autumn person, I feel an affinity with nature at this time of year because it's my time. i have colours, i have depth and thank all the gods I have humour. 

Shine out your colours Autumn people, you are fascinating :)

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