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Sunday, 13 September 2015

Waxing Philosophical

I suppose it's natural, when you get to a certain age, to ponder on life, wonder what it all means, where we are heading and who actually has it right. 

I'm one of those people who have been thinking about this for many years. Not being particularly religious, I don't have faith to fall back on for what happens after life but I do have a belief, which, for no good reason at all, I decided to share. Remember this is my belief, you are more than welcome to disagree, even laugh but this is mine.

I believe that we are all sent here to learn. This is, in effect, school. Before we are born, we decided what we need to learn in the coming life, be it hardship, wealth, jealousy, adversity, greed, or even something more abstract. 

See right there, with that statement I've told you that I believe in reincarnation. If it didn't exist, we'd have to lump all our learning into one lifetime and bloody hell that life would be a busy one! So yes, I think we return time and time again until we have learned all we need to progress onwards.

Right so there we are, all energy, knowing what we need to learn. We also need to choose parents that will give us the best possible opportunity to learn this thing, after all, we wouldn't want to have to come back over and over and relearn the same thing, especially if it's going to be a difficult life. Once this is all decided we bid farewell to that realm and return to earth to start our lessons. We don't know what that lesson is once we return here, after all if we did we'd rush to learn it so that we could be let out of school early, maybe missing some important appendices as we go. We grow and learn, the parents that we chose hopefully pointing us in the right direction for good or bad and we live our life making decisions that hopefully help us through. 

Then, with all the knowledge we have gathered, we leave this school and go home where we look at the life we have lived and judge ourselves on whether we completed our task. The cycle then continues. Simple yes?

"Oh but what about...." I can hear you cry. OK we'll go into 'what about' territory. These are things I've been asked in the past and this is my take on it.

What about abortion though, wouldn't that mess up the plans if someone chose their parents and then they had an abortion?

Well I don't know about you, but I were looking at the parents who will give me the most opportunity to learn what I needed, and I've seen far enough into the future to know whether they would or not, then surely I'd be able to see if they were going to abort or miscarry and stick a big 'PASS' on their file? I think this is why I don't have any firm opinion about abortion. I have quite firm opinions on those that have abortions just because it's not 'convenient' to have a baby but that's another topic entirely. 

What are your views on suicide?

At the risk of upsetting an awful lot of people, I think it's wrong. I don't consider the people that attempt it to be cowards or anything like that, I feel immense sadness for those who feel they just can't go on, but everything in me feels it is wrong.

We are sometimes here to experience hardship or debilitating illness, or living with disabilities, all manner of horrible things that happen to humans. We have our time to die, our 'sentence' to complete and to leave before the end just means you haven't completed that learning and you will just find yourself doing it all again or, maybe in the case of assisted suicide, coming back to live those final months/years again. Who would want to do that?

Reincarnation to me is very real. To have had children who used to talk to me about "When they were big" and having had experiences of my own (like at 4 years old, being taken on holiday to Devon for the first time and telling my father where to drive to get there) tells me more effectively than anything else could, that it exists.  This is the basis of my belief system.It's as valid as any other and more logical than a lot. If you feel like asking me a question about it, I'm happy to answer as best I can.

Through all your lives, know that where you are now is transient so enjoy it while you can x

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