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Monday, 14 September 2015

For Just One Day

In just under 7 weeks time, I will be doing something that is unusual for a mother to do, but it will be one of the hardest things I'll ever do for my youngest daughter. It will also be my last task. A most important one and it will be a great honour to do it. 

As I walk her down the aisle, my shining girl, I will be remembering the baby, who's gaze at only a few hours old, pinned the doctor to his seat, who's ability to go from zero to deafening scream made a friend fall off the bed in shock.

I will be remembering the young girl, who spun in the street, singing Spice Girl songs, who sung Mama for me and made me cry. 

I will be remembering the silent teen, who struggled with growing up, turning that struggle into helping others who had drink and drug problems, without falling victim to them herself. 

I will be remembering the girl turning into a woman, moving with me almost the length of the country, taking on so many new challenges with a strength of character that almost made me burst.

Most of all though, I will be in silent awe of the woman she has become. No need to say how proud I am of her, it will shine out of me on that walk. The hardest part of all, will be handing her over to her man. He may well see death threats in my eyes at that moment, warning him that if he ever, EVER lets her down, he will know pain. He will need to know that while I love him too, and will defend him against all, watching over them both, even while maintaining a discreet distance, he really wouldn't want to make an enemy of me. All he needs to do is be good to this precious gift I'm giving him. 

I have started the speech that I want to give, and in spite of her concerns, I will not be showing her up on her big day. I can't guarantee no tears, but every single word will be from the heart. It's my duty, my last duty for her :)

I daresay there will be favours in the future, babysitting, dogsitting, whatever, but this, this is special. 

Oh but I had so many ideas for my outfit. I pictured myself in a morning suit, after all if I was to take on her father's role, then I should be dressed properly! Uh, apparently not.

Oh Oh then can I wear my red top hat and maybe a corset dress?? Decidedly not.

Ok then.. what about a steampunk look.. that'd be fantastic!! No

By this time I was getting 'the look'. Hang on, that's MY look! When did you get that look!! I want it back right now!!

"I'm not a conventional mumsy woman!" I wailed. "Don't make me look like Hyacinth Bucket!!" 

"Oh yes", came the retort, "That's another thing. Your hair. I'm going to pay for you to get it done.. maybe a different colour.. a nice brown maybe?"

She sighed at my look of stunned horror.

"Oh mother it's only for one day, can't you be normal for just one day??" 

For you, my wonderful girl, I will be anything you want me to be.. for just that one day xx

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