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Thursday, 10 September 2015

Let this be an inspiration to us all

I have to confess that I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook, which I think is turning more to hate as I turn off more and more notifications from friends. I hate doing it, but get exasperated at some of the things they post. I have perhaps half a dozen friends who make it their mission in life to post almost constantly. Now if these were posts about what's happening in their lives, even their neighbours lives if they are that way inclined then great, this feeds both my nosy gene and the one that wants to ensure that all my friends are ok and if not enjoying life, at least sharing it with everyone. 

The ones I don't understand and never will, are those that constantly post supposedly uplifting quotes, meant to make me realise how lucky I am to be alive. 

Let me tell you a secret.. 

They don't work! 

Shocked? I don't really think you are. Why do you do it? Do you think that one of your friends might one day read what you've posted, get hit by a shaft of light and dance off into the rest of their lives throwing their anti-depressants over their shoulders as they go? They know full well there are people worse off than them, they don't need to be told this. All this does is add a creamy topping of guilt to their depression pie. They don't suddenly get a dose of happy because you've posted a picture of a cat/dog/baby(insert cute here). 

I did ask someone why they did it and their explanation was "well its better than always moaning or pictures of breakfast, dinner and tea" well my word I guess it is, if that is your only alternative! I have people on my feed who moan a lot and I have never once thought of blocking their posts. i have people who like showing what they are eating. While I have never really understood the excitement in this, it's not as if they are offering me any, I've never once thought of blocking their posts. Facebook asks "What's on your mind?" Is all you have in your head inspirational posters? Does Google know this?? Are you ever happy, does nothing happen to you that you want to share? If you're having a bad pain day, get free virtual hugs by telling people! If you're having a good pain day, let people join you in celebrating! 

Oh... you're a private person are you.. you don't like sharing your innermost feelings. That I can understand. I tend to post trivial things and rarely dip into the corners of my mind to post, mainly because I don't want to scare the shit out of everyone. However, tell me this much. Why, if you are so private, are you on Facebook at all?? Do you like to keep in touch with friends and find out what they are up to? Hardly fair if you're not doing the same is it. Never mind. I'm sure there is an inspirational quote to cover the situation. 

PS. That devil that live inside me has been posting de-motivational quotes, just to balance things out y'know.. no other reason.. I promise..


  1. Love it! I do agree with you on this but I'm so nosy I can't seem to quit Facebook also being so far away it's easy to keep up with some of my family, we're all crap at communicating via email lol.

  2. Oh I agree, it does have it's uses and it is great for keeping in touch with family and friends :)