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Saturday, 29 August 2009

Reality Shows - Who's reality are they?

I was listening to the radio today, while sorting out what clothes I want to take on holiday. It was on Real Radio Northwest, although was only half listening as they were prattling on, as only dj's can, about the X Factor.

I don't watch reality programmes. Any reality programmes.

I feel there is something fundamentally wrong in finding the humiliation of others entertaining. Quite apart from the fact that half of the programmes are as boring as watching cheese mature. So my mind was more on my packing than on what they were saying.

That was until they phoned one of the contestants. As she spoke my attention was pulled more and more to what she was saying. From what the dj's said, she was very good and was going forward. I can't quote word for word, but roughly what she said was:

"The judges actively encourage the really awful singers, telling them they are really good, in order to talk them into coming back and singing in front of an audience, so that they can be laughed at".

I stared at the radio appalled at what I was hearing. I had cynically voiced my suspicion about this in the past but to hear it admitted by someone was a shock. I can't actually put into words how this makes me feel. The human race really hasn't evolved very far at all has it. From Victorian Freak Show to the present day, we still seem to think it is fine to laugh at others.

I voiced my concerns and someone came back questioning whether they were "all there" as surely people know if they can't sing. This raised two points in my mind..

1) Surely if they aren't "all there" as it was so daintily put.. isn't that even worse? We are back to the freak show mentality.

2) I think there are some people who don't realise what they sound like. I have known a few people who are completely tone deaf, singing along to music quite happily not realising they are hitting completely the wrong notes. They were intelligent people, definitely "all there".

I realise I have no hope of changing people's minds about these programmes. I think they perpetuate the freak show mentality. They give people, in effect, permission to laugh at those people that aren't perfect.

One day the human race might realise that this is very wrong.

Or one day, those that find it so funny and entertaining, might find themselves on the receiving end. I can only hope, because they really are a sorry excuse for humanity.

Friday, 14 August 2009

My Pride and Joy

There isn't an awful lot I'm proud of in my life. I've not been particularly generous, I've not worked tirelessly for a worthy cause, I've not amassed fortunes to distribute amongst the needy, I've not even given huge amounts of pleasure to dodgy men.. couldn't even keep my two ex husbands happy.. although to be fair that was my decision more than theirs.

However if, once I leave this life, I am asked what gave my life meaning, I would only need to give two dates. They would be the birth dates of my daughters.

I would never ever say that being a mother was easy by any means. I have on the whole been dragged through motherhood kicking and screaming by these two amazing people. They have patiently shown me, over the years, that however much they threw at me, I was, to my intense surprise, able to cope, ready to put things back together when my first instincts often wouldn't have been either legal or ethical!

It can't have been easy, having me as a mother, but in teaching them, I learned myself. In guiding them, I was guided as well. I had a temper, they taught me to control it.

They are very different these daughters of mine. One can and does eat anything while maintaining a lovely slim figure (even after numerous children!) The other is as fussy as all hell, and only has to look at a chip and she can feel the weight go on. (Her lovely figure is worked very hard for!)

One is constantly stressed and I find I have to tread on eggshells most of the time I talk to her, never really feeling I can say what I think in fear of upsetting her. I know, as I have managed to many times in the past. She is such a sensitive soul in many ways. The other I can say anything to, tease, torment, laugh and cry with and I know I can speak my mind with her. She is very empathic so knows most of what I say is garbage anyway!

One is fiery, the other calm. I could go on and on about their differences, but through all of them I am more proud of them than anything else in this life. They are beacons of sunshine and light when things get dark.

They will always be my beauties, my achievement in this life, they are two very different but very special people. If it were allowed, I would protect them forever from all that would hurt them, but I know that for a long time now, they have been busy carving their own paths in life.

They exasperate me at times, but mostly they amaze me, I couldn't imagine life without them.

My girls, my pride and my joy. I love you both.