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Friday, 11 September 2015

Life, belief and absurdity

Been having a bit of a ponder today. There was a social media 'thing' that went around recently that challenged people to think of ten people that you'd like to say something to, and write them down. I couldn't do the challenge as there isn't ten people I want to say things to that I wouldn't say to their face, so that stumped me for a start.
Then started mulling over what I would say to humans in general and I very much doubt I would stop at just ten things but thought I would put some of them down here. 
1. Don't let your past control your future. Humans do awful things to each other, things that hurt the soul and can take years, if ever to recover from. Accept that these things have happened, can never unhappen, the only way to get back at those that have hurt you is to live a full and happy life. Yeah killing them horribly might make you feel better, but you will still have to walk the path that heals you, or they will have still won.

2. Accept yourself. Don't allow others to pressure you into being what you are not. More and more in our lives now, we are told we can't find true happiness unless we are rich, slim, pretty/handsome, clever, have the latest iphone/ipad, the best house/car/job. Happiness doesn't come from the outside, it comes from inside. Turn around to all those desperate to take your money or change you, smile and say.. "No thank you". When it comes right down to it, we have life, given to us for free. a precious commodity and depending on your beliefs, we are only ever given one. For goodness sake enjoy it while you can, don't live your life yearning for things you can't have - that road only leads to depression and loneliness.

3. Get help if you feel you need it. Friends are great for a hug and sympathy but professionals have studied for years to help those who need them. Let them. It isn't a mark of weakness, there is no nobility in struggling along trying to survive while all around you crumbles. Seek them out. they may not get it right first time, after all, they can only go by what you say to them and if the emotions run deep, it might take them a while to coax it out of you. It isn't an instant pill thing and they are not psychic. You are unique, no books would have given them an instant cure.
4. Be the kind of person you'd most want to meet. Think about that for a moment. Are you?
5. Love as much as possible. Negative emotions towards someone does diddly squat to them, they only poison you. Let them go. Hate only destroys the hater. Don't be afraid to love because you think you'll only get hurt. That's like saying you should be afraid to drink because you'll only get thirsty again! We need love, as much as we try to deny it.
6. See the absurdity in yourself. Taking yourself too seriously is just asking for trouble. especially in this crazy life we live. Most people are very good at seeing through disguises and trust me, believe your own hype and we are not laughing 'with' you. Lighten up and learn to laugh :) Laughing has been proven time and time again to be therapeutic so don't just titter, let it rise up from your emotional middle and blart out of your mouth at every opportunity!

7. Don't be afraid of the child within. We all have one, whether we choose to ignore it or not. They are still with you. If you are older like me, you probably don't feel more than 20 in your mind, but there are times when you should take yourself back further, to a time when you looked at the world in wide eyed wonder. Take some time to believe in magic, look for fairies at the bottom of the garden, try to count the petals on a crysanthemumumum.. and have an honest to goodness tantrum once in a while! Its fun, honestly and boy does it feel good to get all those frustrations out.
8. Believe in yourself. You are stronger than you think. Yes, there will be times when you think to yourself 'I can't take anymore' but guess what, you can and may well have to. Not everyone is born for greatness, but we are all born with potential. A 'can do attitude' or as I've described it on more than one occasion as bloody minded stubborness, can get you through a lot of situations. That hill can be climbed, that skill can be learned, how much do you want it? You are not somehow less deserving. If you believe in yourself then others will too.
9. Learn to let go. This is actually one of the things I do battle with. I will gnaw at things that happened to me years ago and there's a dialogue going on in my head about how I could have dealt with it better, what I could have said, if I'd done that would the outcome have been different. I can work myself up into a sleepless night with things like this. Past relationships, jobs, situations can all become so much bigger in your mind if you let them. Don't let them. Work at letting go. You can't change the past so wtf are you doing awake at 3am planning how to do it differently!
see now... I've got this far and can't think of anything else I want to say to the human race apart from: 'Hey guys.. we are all in this together, let's try and make the best of it huh?? C'mere.. gimmie a hug. We are all just making it up as we go along anyway.

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