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Monday, 22 June 2009

View from the Window

There are a lot of times when the view from the window is far better than the view of your surroundings. The urge to take flight, to run over the rolling hills of your imagination and see what is just out of sight, the possibilities of 'maybe if' is often very attractive.

When things aren't what you expected them to be, you are faced with choices.. take the bull by the horns and try to change it, ignore it and hope things will change, or leave it all behind or decide its just not worth the effort and run. Which one to choose is the question.

When your chosen career isn't what you expected it to be and the country is in recession so little chance of changing it, your options become limited. Trying to make the best of things seems to be the order of the day, hoping that at the end of the recession you will have more control over it.

It's when options are taken away that things change again. Several work colleagues today learnt that they were to be made redundant. A common occurrence at the moment around the country, people are discovering that the life they had carefully moulded for themselves was suddenly in jeopardy. Their home, their future all seem uncertain. This time I was one of the lucky ones. Next time I might not be.

Which is when the view from the window will become very attractive, the endless possibilities of change. The challenges roll themselves out and it's up to you to rise to them. Sometimes things are easy, sometimes they are hard, but with passion and drive mountains can be moved.

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