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Saturday, 26 December 2009

Christmas Ramblings

This is an odd time of year isn't it. It's probably the one time of year that single people really feel their status. Being newly single again, I've not really had time to sit down and assess what it means and have rarely felt alone or lonely, but over the last few days I've realised that as much as I kick against it and adore my own little cave with my own company, I am at heart a social animal and enjoy sharing time with someone.

However that being said, I've had control of the television remote, I can eat and drink what I please during the day, I can decide when to go to bed, when to get up, when to laze in the bath and loads of other little 'couple' decisions that I've been spared over this time. Yahoo :)

I think if I ever do decide to become part of a couple again, it will be after long and careful consideration of loads of factors. I will pick someone who I actually have things in common with, similar tastes in food, films, books, sex (of course), humour. I've ignored these in the past as not being important, apart from one (guess which one lol) and for long term it really doesn't work.

I know once this holiday is over I'll be fine again and staggering my way through the world as usual quite happily, quite single, quite content.. but I do think that there should be a huge place, somewhere nice, that if you are single, you can go to, free of charge at Christmas, to be with other single people, and enjoy Christmas together, eating drinking and orgying.... ok I'm being hopeful about the orgy bit lol.. but the main thing.. is there would be a togetherness and people wouldn't have to be alone.

To me that should be the true meaning of Christmas..

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